All tutorials are also available, with screenshots, in our publication (preprint available on BioRXiv), Bezaire et al (2016).

SimTracker – text (TBA) – video (TBA)

  • Main tool, for simulation management, data analysis, etc.

CellData – text (TBA) – video

  • Analyzing electrophysiological properties of cells from current injection sweeps

NetworkClamp – text (TBA) – video (TBA)

  • Running network clamp (see Bezaire et al, 2016) simulations on a personal computer

CellClamp – text (TBA) – video (TBA)

  • Performing simulated experiments to characterize network components (cells, synapses, ion channels)

WebsiteMaker – text (TBA) – video (TBA)

  • Outputting the network characterization in website or PDF (LaTeX) format