Quantitative Assessment

As part of my doctoral studies, I quantitatively assessed the CA1 network of the hippocampus. Sufficient information has been published about the rat CA1 to estimate the numbers of each interneuron type, as well as the connectivity of the pyramidal cells, interneurons, and afferents. These estimates provide a valuable resource for modelers, theorists, and experimentalists wishing to close the gaps in our neuroanatomical knowledge of the CA1. To refer to the resources listed on this page, please cite the associated, published quantitative assessment:

Bezaire MJ, Soltesz I. 2013. Quantitative Assessment of CA1 Local Circuits: Knowledge Base for Interneuron-Pyramidal Cell Connectivity. Hippocampus:23(9) 751-785.

Interactive Graphical Tour The interactive tour allows the user the step through each calculation visually, while seeing the references, data, and assumptions that apply to the calculation. Users can also change the assumptions and see how their changes alter the final estimates of each cell type.

Spreadsheet Contains all calculations used in the assessment. Available in Excel or Google Docs