For general information about the NEURON model template used to create the ca1 and superdeep models, you may wish to consult the template instruction manual. These models can be used in conjunction with SimTracker. You may also want to download the results of these models as used in publication without rerunning the simulations yourself.


a scaleable full-size rat hippocampal CA1 model

The ca1 model contains a full scale CA1 as well as proximal and distal afferents constrained by the numbers and synapse positions of the CA3 and entorhinal cortical layer III projections to region CA1. The model exhibits spontaneous theta and gamma rhythm with distinct phase preferences when given tonic excitation.


a microcircuit mouse hippocampal CA1 model

The superdeep model contains a small number of superficial and deep CA1 pyramidal cells, as well as PV+ basket cells, to study the network dynamics induced by sublayer-specific connectivity.